Boz Boorer The Polecats

If today fans of the rockabilly circuit talk about "The Polecats" they actually do talk about a band which was formerly known as "Cult Heroes". In 1977 Cult Heroes was formed by Tim Worman (vocalist), Boz Boorer (guitarist, vocalist), Phil Bloomberg (bassist) and Chris Hawkes (drummer).

From Cult Heroes to The Polecats

Due to the fact that finding heavy difficulty persuading promotors to book the band because the name "Cult Heroes" sounded too punky the band name was replaced by "The Polecats". The new name was adopted from a suggestion of Chris Hawkes.

The Polecats: Songs

The most successful LP "Polecats Are Go" was released in 1980 which was the same year The Polecats signed to Mercury Records. The David Bowie cover "John, I'm Only Dancing", a reworking of "Rockabilly Guy" and several other cover songs made the band become successful in the UK charts. In 1983 The Polecats also hit the charts in the United States with their song "Make a Circuit With Me".

Splitting and Reunion

In the 80's Boz Boorer left the Band but led a reunion in 1989. Back together they produced a new studio set and a live album. Boz Boorer's work was released by Raucous Records as a compilation called "Between The Polecats" in 2001. Most recent gigs of The Polecats were in 2010.