Boz Boorer Guitar

Boz Boorer once said in an interview with Fender that his favorite guitar of all time is a naturalfinished '63/'64 Tele® guitar which was originally sunburst. He also owns an old 6120 Gretsch guitar in his gear portfolio which he used for every gig with Morrissey's for years but nowadays is played out. On some tunes of Morrissey he also uses a cats-eye Gretsch with Dearmond® pickups. With his Synchromatic™ he created hillbilly and rockabilly bop sounds with The Polecats using some heavier gauge strings on it. In addition he is geared up with a six-string bass for more than ten years and owns about four or five Tele® guitars as well as Strat® guitars which he said he dabbled in and goes in and out of.

In his amp equipment Boz calls a big Twin® and Blues Deluxe™ his own. He added a Bassman® several years ago and said it to be his favorite. With this one in his gear he did more than 70 Morrissey gigs. He also owns a Super Six which he actually doesn't use and a 70s Vibro Champ which sounds great cranked up.

Pink Penguin

Boz Boorer Pink PenguinSource

Boz Boorer himself is a masterpiece. But there is something else which is. It is the first Gretsch Custom Shop guitar ever made - the Pink Penguin. With its Bigsby tremolo and the golden armrest, the Pink Penguin can be classified unique. Basically it is a White Penguin with a golden armrest combined with a light pink finish. It not only was the first Gretsch Custom Shop Guitar, it also is the only one of its (pink) kind. The Pink Penguin was especially made for Boz, who picked it up himself at the airport of London (it was shipped from the US).

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