Boz Boorer Morrissey

With his companion Alain Whyte who is a guitarist just like Boz Boorer, together they joined Morrissey's band in 1991. Alain Whyte is an english guitarist, singer and songwriter whereas Morrissey's is the name of his band. The band consists of bassist Gary Day, a drummer who calls himself only Spencer, and as said before both guitarists Alain Whyte and Boz Boorer.

"American Rockabilly" and the so called "Jangle Pop" which is a genre of alternative rock from the mid-1980s were successfully synthesized by Boz and Alain to create a new sound for Morrissey to help revitalize his career. Boz Boorer not only has worked as one of Morrissey's co-writers and guitarists but also as the musical director of the band as well. Alain Whyte is most known for being Morrissey's main songwriter since joining him and his band in 1991.

Morrissey and Boz Boorer disco

Some of the most successful singles Morrissey and Boz Boorer released together were "You Have Killed Me" (UK #3), "Irish Blood, English Heart" (UK #3), and "First of the Gang to Die" (UK #6). Furthermore Martin James Boorer and Morrissey released several albums from 1992 till 2009 like "Your Arsenal" (1992), "You Are The Quarry (Gatefold)" (2004) or "Years of Refusal" (2009).

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